Driver Rebecca, Schnell
Name: Rebecca Schnell
Home Town: St. Louis, MO

Rebecca Schnell, driver of Bigfoot® Midwest Madness™, kicked off her career in the industry by first being a crew chief. She married Darron Schnell, also a driver for the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live tour and was inspired by his passion and happiness as a performer, living out his dream every day. While traveling with Darron and going to nursing school full time, she worked alongside him repairing broken parts of his truck, understanding the physics of the trucks, and learning as much as she could about the mechanics of those extraordinary machines. This experience ignited a fire in Rebecca to one day become a monster truck driver herself and compete alongside her husband. She landed that opportunity in 2019, and her career launched in January 2020 behind the wheel in the first-ever Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live European tour. Driving and competing in the tour as the first female driver for Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live, was the highlight of Rebecca’s career. Her fierce competitiveness and epic skills quickly captured the attention and adoration of Hot Wheels fans, winning her first freestyle event in Copenhagen, Denmark. Rebecca is thrilled to be a part of the exciting return of the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live domestic tour and making her debut as driver of the tour’s new Bigfoot Midwest Madness, a first-ever collaboration between Hot Wheels and Bigfoot. Honing the skills of both a travel emergency room nurse and monster truck driver, she cannot wait to get up close and personal with all the young girls and boys at the shows and inspire them to ignite their challenger spirit and live out their dreams!

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