Where can I buy tickets and how much do they cost?
You can find event info and ticket links at https://hotwheelsultimatedrivethru.com. You will be able to see details on the drive-thru and links to purchase tickets.
How long does the drive-thru take?
The experience is designed to take approximately 30-45 minutes from admission at the ticket booth to the exit of the drive-thru. A queue line will form at the entrance before reaching the ticketbooth.
How long is the drive-thru?
The course is 1.5 miles long.
What attractions are featured at the drive-thru?
Over 50 legendary cars, monster trucks and much more will be on display at the drive-thru. Featuring: Hot Wheels Hall of Fame – Twin Mill®, Rip Rod®, Loop Coupe®, and the original Bone Shaker®, The Original Monster Truck, BIGFOOT®, BIGFOOT® #5, the World’s Tallest & Heaviest Monster Truck, Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live’s Tiger Shark™, Demo Derby & V8 Bomber™, and 4- Story MEGASAURAS.
What is included with one (1) ticket?
One ticket includes one standard vehicles with three rows of seating or less, with as many passengers that can safely ride in the vehicle according to local traffic safety laws. You will receive one (1) FREE Hot Wheels 3-Car Pack per ticket!
Do I need to be in a vehicle?
Yes! This a drive-thru, contactless event.
What vehicles are allowed?
Only standard vehicles with three rows of seating or less are permitted within the course. No limos, party buses or buses are allowed.
Will there be merchandise available?
Yes, merchandise will be available. Please add your selections to your cart when purchasing your ticket. There are two toy packs to choose from, Bigfoot and Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live. They are $29.99. You can add this to your cart when you are purchasing your ticket.
Are pets allowed?
Yes, pets are allowed if they stay in the vehicle.
Are people allowed to ride through the drive-thru in a truck bed?
No passengers are permitted in the back of pickup trucks. Follow local traffic safety laws.
Are tickets refundable tickets?
No, tickets are non-refundable.
What does one (1) ticket cover?
One ticket includes one standard vehicles with three rows of seating or less, with as many passengers that can safely ride in the vehicle according to local traffic safety laws.
What safety measures are being taken?
Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru is designed to enjoy from the safety and comfort of your own vehicle with your family and friends! The safety and health of our guests is our top priority. No part of the experience requires you to exit your vehicle. You must stay in your vehicle during the entire drive-thru. Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru team members are required to wear face masks covering the nose and mouth.
Who can I contact if I have questions?
Please send all questions and inquiries to info@hotwheelsultimatedrivethru.com.
Who can I contact for press and media inquiries?
Please contact info@hotwheelsultimatedrivethru.com for any press or media inquiries.
Is the experience for all ages?
Yes! This is an immersive Hot Wheels experience for all ages and the entire family.
Is the experience completely outdoors?
Yes! This experience is completely outdoors and will be experienced from the comfort of your vehicle.
How many people are allowed in one (1) car load?
As many passengers that can safely ride in the vehicle according to local traffic safety laws. All passengers are required to be in a designated seat and wear a seat belt.
Are reservations required?
Yes, reservations are required. You must select which day you will attend when purchasing your tickets.
Who can I contact if I am interested in Group Sales?
To contact Group Sales, please call 617-532-1116. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
My ticket lists a certain time, do I have to attend the drive-thru at that time?
No, you may attend the drive-thru during our operating hours for the specific day you reserved.
I purchased a ticket at O’Reilly Auto Parts, when is my ticket valid?
If you purchased at O’Reilly Auto Parts, your ticket is valid for any day that we are open. You can see on our website that some days are sold out. That does not mean you cannot come on that day, but expect that you may wait longer in a que line if you come on those days. Likewise, you do not have to come at a certain time. You can come anytime during operating hours on a specific day.
Where do I receive my Hot Wheels Car Pack?
You will receive your Hot Wheels Car Pack past the ticket booth and merchandise area.